Round Slings

GeRon® produces Round Slings for payloads up to WLL 400 t. Safety factor 7: 1.

The GeRon® Round Sling range from simple compact hose, the heavy-XXL-hose up to the not copied Ultra-hose for each application and provides the appropriate and high quality product.

GeRon® Round Slings are manufactured strictly according to EN 1492-2.

Heavy-duty Round Slings - XXL

For the highest power requirements, especially for heavy loads up to WLL 400 t with SF 7:1 in series!

Ultra Round Slings - GU

For maximum life time, especially for heavy-duty use!

Multi-hose Round Slings - GM

For double wear and abrasion protection for greater safety!

Single-hose Round Slings - GS

For conventional use - inexpensive and high quality!

Pendant hose Round Slings - GHS

For optimal use in pendant with additional protection!

Round Sling pendant

As a 1-strand to 4-strand pendant in a modular system!

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