Lashing Straps

GeRon® produces Lashing Straps for payloads of up to WLL 10 t with a safety factor of 2:1 as standard.

The GeRon® Lashing Strap range includes webbing widths of 25 / 35 / 50 / 75 mm in one-part and two-part designs. Depending on your requirements, the right fittings are processed into a high-quality product for a wide variety of applications. In addition, we offer the possibility of an individual imprint.

GeRon® Lashing Straps are manufactured exclusively according to EN 12195-2.

25 mm 

Narrow bandwidths for low loads!

35 mm 

Ideally suited for mid-range loads!

50 mm

Ideal for standard lashing!

75 mm

For transport security in the heavy-duty area!

For further information, please refer to our catalog starting on page 42.

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